Replace your Aluminium Water Heater Anode with These Simple Steps

Replacement of water heater anodes is a necessary operation in ensuring that your water heat system serves for an extended period. Aluminium heater anode components are made to prevent corrosion by water. They do this by corroding themselves to keep the water heater tank safe and intact. When the anodes are missing, the water heater tank is corroded affecting its performance and lifetime. The lifetime of the anode on the other hand depends on the purity of water that is heated, the maximum temperature and frequency at which water is heated within the tanks, and the quality of water tank being used. [Read More]

Ways Construction Contractors Can Minimise the Risks of Vehicle Related Accidents

Health and safety should be at the core of every construction business, whether you build homes, repair drains or lay asphalt on urban roads. Australia is getting better at protecting at-risk workers in areas like road maintenance, but the 26 construction fatalities in 2015 were far too many. In fact, Australia's fatality rate for construction workers is twice that of Britain. There have also been high-profile cases where contractors have been sued for big money, such as the Wayne Vickery case. [Read More]