How to Supercharge Your Delivery Capability

As people have less time than ever in their typically busy schedule, they're always looking for ways to streamline their efficiency and cut down on unwanted tasks. This has created a number of opportunities in the service sector and, in particular, when it comes to deliveries. You may have recently purchased a ute truck so you can explore your own part of this market, but if you really want to take advantage you should think about adding a certain accessory to your vehicle. What particular component could give you a crucial edge?

Exploiting Your Advantage

Your ute will have a very generous payload to begin with, and you can undoubtedly provide an excellent service by delivering awkward or heavy items for those who cannot do so or who may not have the time. Your vehicle will be particularly valuable when it comes to the largest or most awkward of items, but you may have to get some assistance to help you meet the needs of your customers.

Your secret weapon in this case would actually be a machine, not another pair of hands, if you add a specially designed ute crane to the back of your truck. This is fairly easy to attach and won't take up a lot of payload space by itself but will have a considerable lifting capacity to help you out.


The crane is usually made from anodised aluminium to make it very resistant to corrosion and will only weigh a few kilograms. You can adjust its height and reach so that it can access and deliver objects across a broad range. Furthermore, you can remove the crane when you're not using it, so long as you install a special mounting frame first.


There are a variety of cranes on the market with different configurations. Some of them are hydraulically operated, while others rely on electrical power. If you fit the latter version you should probably upgrade your ute's battery to make sure that you are always ready.

Big Advantage

If you fit one of these devices, you will have a considerable advantage over other small delivery services. You'll be able to get in and out of smaller spaces than the conventional delivery truck and will be able to use the crane to work with a broad range of bulky items. You could deliver a stackable washer and dryer to a new owner or take a faulty car engine from somebody's garage to a workshop.

Consider this to be a great investment in your future and look at the various options available today.