Powerful Ways to Boost Battery Sales

Despite technology making rapid advancements over the last couple of decades and the rise of rechargeable devices, good old-fashioned batteries are still an essential household item. Because of their importance, batteries are a great item for pretty much any retailer to stock.

With that said, they won't necessarily just sell themselves. Getting the most out of your decision to stock batteries means putting some effort into pushing their sale. To help you sell as many batteries as possible, here are some ways to give a big boost to your stock.

Display them in logical places

Link-selling is one of the most effective ways to sell more batteries, and that means putting them where it makes sense for them to be. A small battery display near to any electronic devices you sell can encourage people to pick them up when they're buying something battery-powered. Even if they can get them cheaper elsewhere, people are likely to get them from you so they don't forget or have to make another trip.

Put them at the till

People frequently forget that they need to buy batteries, sometimes going ages only remembering when they get home and whatever they needed them for still isn't working. A ridiculously simple way to jog their memories is to place some batteries next to the till point. Your customers will spot them as they're paying for other items, and they'll be thankful to have finally remembered they needed them. Batteries are one of the biggest impulse purchases, and all you need to do is ensure customers can see them at the last minute.

Display some signs

A few signs near to your batteries can work wonders, especially if they're worded well. This helps people locate them easily, and can also be used to persuade potential buyers. When you're putting them next to electronic items, a simple "Don't forget your batteries" sign can be extremely helpful, as people don't always remember even when they're presented clearly. You could also make signs listing the different battery types and their typical uses, which helps people who aren't sure which ones they need.

Make the most of the season

The Christmas period is an excellent time for battery sales, as many gifts need them, particularly a lot of children's toys. Use signs and displays in key areas to push this point and you should see your sales take a big leap.

Likewise, any time of the year when people are getting ready to go away on holiday can help sales, since they're useful for a range of portable gadgets and devices that people take with them.