Two tips for selecting signage for the exterior of your retail premises

The signage you hang outside your retail premises could have a big impact on the number of customers you attract into your shop. Here are two tips to keep in mind when selecting this item:

Opt for metal

Signs which are to be hung inside the premises do not need to be made from particularly robust materials, as their indoor location will mean that they will be shielded from the elements. As such, you can opt for signs made from almost any material, including weaker ones such as particleboard and PVC.

However, any signs which you intend to hand on the exterior of your shop need to be made from durable materials, which will be able to withstand exposure to UV rays, heat, rain, wind and frost, without deteriorating. Metal signage is ideal for outdoor use; it will not distort when exposed to fluctuating temperatures, or fade when exposed to the sun.

You can opt to have your business name hand-painted onto the metal sign or, alternatively, use a signage supplier that has access to metal laser cutting technology to cut the lettering directly into the sign material.

It should be noted that, whilst the former does enable you to use coloured text, the paintwork is likely to flake off over time and as such, will need to be periodically refinished. The latter is the better option if you want the lettering to be permanent.

The computerisation of the laser cutting process also means that, unlike a hand-painted sign, the end results will be extremely precise and designed exactly to your specifications, as there is no chance of human error having any impact on the quality of the finished lettering.

Light it up

If you only operate during standard nine-to-five business hours, you may feel that adding lighting to your outdoor signage would be a waste of money, as the lights will not, of course, be visible during the day.

However, it's important to realise that your sign should be advertising your business and attracting the attention of potential customers 24 hours a day. People who may be interested in buying your product or service might walk past your premises long after sunset or just before sunrise; as such, it's sensible to use lighting to catch their eye and draw their focus towards your sign (and your shop).

Make sure that the lighting you choose is in keeping with the general style of your sign; if for example, the sign is quite fun, colourful and quirky looking, you might want to add a strip of neon lighting around its edges. Conversely, if the sign is quite understated and elegant, a tasteful set of softly-lit overhead lamps positioned directly over it might be a more suitable choice.