Two Environmentally-Friendly Choices For Your New Jetty

As it is time for you to choose a new jetty for your home, there are plenty of options for you to select from. However, as someone who likes to minimise their impact on the planet by making environmentally-friendly choices, you are currently wondering how you can combine this ethos into your new jetty design. There are several ways a jetty can be constructed to suit your green needs, so use these questions when you are narrowing down your jetty choices:

What Building Materials Are Used For The Jetty?

Jetties are built from several materials, but where these materials came from will make the difference as to whether or not they suit your preferences. For example, when it comes to the wood that is used to make up the outer jetty edging, where was this wood sourced from? As you know, wood that has been reclaimed or taken from sustainable plantations is preferable to wood taken randomly from forests without thought of future replacement or consequences.

Additionally, plastics used in the building process of the jetty should be made from recycled plastics. Taking this one step further, you should ask about the toxin and leeching chemicals used to process the plastic. The more natural the plastic, the more friendly it is to the environment.

What Coating Does The Jetty Have?

Building materials are not the only area of concern when it comes to choosing a new jetty for your home. The type of coating used on the jetty should also be questioned. The jetty surface needs a protective coating to stop it from corroding in the water. However, some coatings/sealants are more toxic to the environment than others. Take, for example, sealants that contain VOCs. This stands for Volatile Organic Compounds which are the solvents emitted from the coating or sealant as it dries. When the VOC enters the air, it can make people feel ill. There are also ongoing tests being done to determine whether the VOCs have long-term health and environmental effects.

Ask your jetty builder what product they use to protect their jetties so you can research the environmental impact of that product. The jetty builder is always happy to work with new owners to make sure the product delivered meets their physical and emotional needs. Therefore, if you point out to the builder in advance that you require a product that is as environmentally-friendly as possible, it is likely you will receive exactly what you want.