3 Tips for Preventing Algae Growth in Your Rainwater Tank

Slimline tanks allow you to harvest water from your roof during the rainy season and store it for use throughout the year. Rainwater can be used for human consumption and chores around the house. You can also use it to water your lawn and garden and for agricultural purposes. That's why you need to keep it clean at all times and ensure there's no algae in the tank. Water that's contaminated with algae is unfit for consumption. [Read More]

Does Your Pipette Need Calibrating? 3 Reasons for Pipette Inaccuracy

If you want to get the most accurate results when using pipettes in experiments, then you need to have them calibrated frequently. However, calibration isn't the only factor that causes inaccuracy with pipettes. Here are 3 reasons you could be experiencing accuracy issues. You're Using It Wrong One of the most common causes of poor pipette accuracy is poor pipette technique. If you're not holding your pipette in the right position and focusing on smooth drawing and ejecting, your results won't be accurate — even if the pipette is properly calibrated. [Read More]

What's the right way to deal with your waste water?

Industrial water production has been a problem for centuries, but it is only comparatively recently that businesses have been encouraged to minimise their industrial water production and to recycle their waste water back into the production process. Industries which produce waste water can be found in the chemicals, food and mining industries, and in the production of electricity, oil and steel. Each of these industries will introduce different contaminants into the water but the end result is the same. [Read More]

Powerful Ways to Boost Battery Sales

Despite technology making rapid advancements over the last couple of decades and the rise of rechargeable devices, good old-fashioned batteries are still an essential household item. Because of their importance, batteries are a great item for pretty much any retailer to stock. With that said, they won't necessarily just sell themselves. Getting the most out of your decision to stock batteries means putting some effort into pushing their sale. To help you sell as many batteries as possible, here are some ways to give a big boost to your stock. [Read More]